Wednesday, March 28, 2007

...And they're off!

Greetings all you loverly knitters out there. I got my book about a week ago, bought yarn for my first project approximately eight seconds later, and am now working on the Featherweight Lingerie Dress by Mari Lynn Patrick. Believe it or not it's a pretty quick knit; I'm already half-way done the skirt portion, which is the biggest part. I'm using Rowan Kid Silk Haze in Cream, which is a little finicky, but gorgeous.

Pictures coming soon (whenever I can wrench the digital camera away from dear boyfriend, that is).

Monday, March 26, 2007

So Excited!

Can't wait to get started!  So excited to join.  I just got my book and I am trying to decide on my project, there are so many great ones it's hard to choose.

Lace Anklet Progress

I have just completed my heel flap and I am about to start the short row shaping.

Shetland Shawl turned Vest!

I know there's not much to see yet. I just cast on for the Shetland Shawl turned Vest. I'm so excited, because I already know that the next project will be the K.H. cardigan in the Cherry red, like in the book. Both projects will be for my daughter. I used addi's lace circs to cast on and knit the first row. They are wonderful. A must have! Unfortunately for me, I have to change to a larger size now, and I don't have addi lace circs in that size, what a bummer. Got to go now and knit! Later.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Hello Everyone

I have just joined this exciting KAL.

I have just ordered the book and can't wait to start.
My first project - Lilly of the Valley shawl.

Monday, March 19, 2007


Perfect timing! I received my invitation to join the KAL today, and when I got home from work, my copy of Lace Style from Amazon was sitting at my front door. Now, what to knit first. Maybe the Essential Tank Top or the Retro Redux Shrug. I need to check my stash!

So excited!!

Hi everyone!

I'm so excited to have a KAL for this book! I bought this a few weeks ago and can't wait to get started! My first project will be the Essential Tank Top! My friend picked this out for me! She thinks it will look great on me! Now, I have to figure out which yarn to use! I'm going to see if I have some from my stash that will work first.

Can't wait to see everyone's finished projects.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thanks for the invite!

It has been a while, since I joined a KAL, but I could not resist this one. As soon as I finish up my latest project, I'll dive right into this wonderful book. We'll see what I'll knit first, can't decide yet. ;o)
Nice to be here,

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Just got my book YEAH

I just got my book (well for this and the Socks as well) and I am in love. I love a lot of the patterns but I am completely in love with the Katharine Hepburn Cardigan bu Kathy Zimmerman. As I am trying to destash right now I am going to make this out of Cascade 220 that is in stash, which I know is thicker than what is called for but I am a little larger than the pattern so I think it shall work. I will be swatching tonight. Wish me luck


Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Floral Lace Anklets

I am half way through the first of my Floral Lace Anklets page 27 in Regia Silk Mocca. What a fun pattern. The repeats are easy to remember and the pattern develops subtly. I am a little disappointed in the yarn however, the cuff is getting fuzzy. I am not sure why.

B Love