Saturday, May 24, 2008

Retro Redux Shrug

Here's yet another Retro Redux Shrug! I finished it already in March, but I found this blog only a week ago. I used Schoeller & Stahl's Portofino yarn - I think it's German. Probably some other yarn would have worked better and the shrug would have been more beautiful, but oh well...

This was a very nice knitting project which I enjoyed thoroughly! I just might knit another one with more suitable yarn.

I'm planning on knitting another Lace Style design after I finish the project I'm working on now. Lilies of the valley are just about to bloom here. They are my favourite flowers. I even had them in my wedding bouquet. So of course I will knit Lily of the Valley Shawl - I can hardly wait!! And this time yarn I've chosen should be OK.

Who am I? My blogname is Päivikki and I live in Finland and have been knitting most of my life. Here's my blog address:

I'm sorry it's only in Finnish, but some of it will be in English once the SecretPal12 will start.