Wednesday, April 11, 2007

NewbieX2!!(aka KAL and blogger virgin)

I'm Sooo excited! My very first blogging experience...what better way to start than knitting lace with other lace lovers!! I have had the book since the day it came out and have spent many glorious weeks looking at the pictures and actually reading the patterns(I'm thinking that maybe I'm not supposed to admit to that last one?) I have decided which pattern to knit first at least a dozen times...oh the joys of choice!

I actually started the Lily of the Valley shawl, alas, after about 2 inches, and an equal number of weeks, I must start over. The amount I have learned about lace knitting in general has been worth it though. I started my lovely project with some truly stunning yarn...the kind that you can sit and pet for hours while dreaming of its perfection wrapped around your shoulders and the covetous glances from others. Then reality came crashing down around my shoulders instead of a glorious shawl....the perfect yarn and the perfect pattern did not go together...'how could this be??'

I have learned that most lace patterns call for 'lace weight' yarn but there are varying weights of lace weight. I think the yarn I was using is closer to a cobweb type lace weight, hence too light for a lily of the valley pattern. I think my next attempt will be Misti Alpaca lace. Oh, what was the beautiful and superb yarn I first used? Artyarn Mohair/Silk in an incredible variegated icycle green.

The needles are calling so I must go. Can't wait to hear from you all.

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kali said...

Hey there Namaste,
I forgot all the login stuff for a few days.. so finally got that fixed!!Us newbies MUST stick together.;-)
I love to knit, and lace is one thing I hope I never have off my needles. Well the project may get finished, but I always have another to CO right away! Today I ordered my Lace Style book. I will finish a Euroflax linen thread shawl that I call my Albatross. You know, because it has been 3 summers since I started it and it's been hanging around unfinished FAR TOO long. I castoff and tried it on and my local knitting buddy told me I needed to add another 12 inches for it to suit me. So! I will knit like a crazy woman to finish it so I can start a project from Lace Style when it arrives. LuckyinKY suggested the retro redux project I will need to see the pattern B4 I decide. I have some lovely yarn in an alpaca lace weight and a color called "iris", it is sort of grey, lavendar, and some rose and peach slubs flashing here & there. So soft and begging to be knit up! Talk to you another day!