Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Katharine Hepburn Cardigan - Moral Support Needed!

Back in March I ordered the same yarn used for this cardigan as in the book. It didn't take that long to be delivered right to my door, only a couple of month. I'm knitting this cardigan for my daughter. Thank god she's a small size. I usually don't knit garments. I'm having a hard time getting enthusiastic about this. I hate knitting cables. You should have seen me how fast I learned to cable without cable needle! I've knit a couple more pattern repeats on the back since I took this picture. I love the color, which I usually don't choose and I like the cardigan. So why do I rather clean house than sit down to knit on it? Moral support, please! ;o)


Sue J. said...

I am happy to give you all the moral support you need because the sweater is gorgeous, and the color you chose is perfect. You go, girl! I hope we will be able to watch your progress.

Mimma said...

You CAN do it....just think how happy and proud you will be when you finish. Not to mention the fact that sweater is beautiful and so is the work you've done so far.

Minnesota Mazzio's said...

I too am working on the sweater and I hope it is going well. Just have fun and just go with it. Knit it when you want....the color is beautiful


bobbi said...

keep it up, it looks great so far.
I want to join you in knitting this cardigan.
where did you get the yarn.
I always like to use the yarn that a pattern calls for.
happy knitting!