Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tailored Scallops

I posted about this on the knitty boards as well, and of course I wanted to post my quest here!

I'm in love with the cover pattern Tailored Scallops, and I'd really love to make it in a non-wool yarn since I live in a warm climate. I was thinking of a sub like linen or silk- (a blend?) but something with drape and that can be blocked to show the feather and fan gorgeousness.

I haven't seen anything bulky enough- and the thought of double stranding makes my eyes cross...
Thanks for any thoughts!


ofthesun1 said...

I highly recommend GGH Samoa (50% cotton/50% acrylic) - I made a lovely camisole top with it a few weeks ago and just showed it off at a party earlier today! It's comfortable, warm without overheating, washes and dries wonderfully, comes in a multitude of colors, has great stitch definition and is easy to find.

But whatever yarn you pick, you can't go wrong with such a beautiful pattern (I love the feather-and-fan, too!)

Good luck!

kali said...

I love to knit in a mercerized cotton yarn, especially in a shiny cotton. can you find one to work up at the same gauge? Just a thought! Kali