Sunday, July 8, 2007

Lily of the Valley Shawl

Hi Everyone!

I am knitting the Lily of the Valley Shawl for my niece and I LOVE IT!!! The shawl is being knitted with "Zephyr" merino and silk yarn in Ice Blue (300 yds/skein) with Addi Turbo's new circular lace needles in size 6. I am a few rows from completing my 6th repeat of the center rectangle section (with 4 more repeats to go!) then I can begin the edging. I have been knitting this on and off since April '07. The center rectangle pattern is easily memorized and not difficult to knit. My dilemma is finding the time to knit consistently. Hopefully, this will be resolved soon and my knitting time will pick up quite a bit.

Here is a hint for purling nupp stitches on WS rows:
Be sure to separate the YO that immediately follows the nupp stitch BEFORE you insert your lace needle into the nupp stitch. I have found that the YO tends to move and can get intertwined with the nupp stitch.



Anonymous said...

this is beautiful! good job!

Bev Love said...

Your shawl is truly magnificent. I also chose Zephyr yarn in an Indigo colorway for that shawl. You are making me very anxious to cast on. Thanks for the inspiration.

Monika said...

It looks delicate and beautiful!

bobbi said...

thanks for the heads up. it's on my "must knit list"